‘They’re all clowns’, Andrew Tate slams Twitch streamers

By Ada Osadebe

Controversial social media personality, Andrew Tate has slammed well-known Twitch streamers calling them stupid.

Andrew Tate, a four-time world kickboxing champion, became well-known for his ‘Top G’ life lessons and the controversy surrounding his misogynistic remarks about women.

However, Tate has been highly critical of Twitch and its streamers, calling them “dumb” now.

During a recent episode of the Entrepreneurs in Cars podcast with Rich Cooper, Tate was asked what he thought of Adin Ross and what other Twitch streamers are missing out on in life.

That’s when Andrew went off on a bit of a tangent, hitting on young Twitch stars who have made a fortune at a young age.

“These kids shouldn’t have so much money,” he said.

“They are idiots. they are kids. Before the internet, the idea that you could become a millionaire at 21 was absolutely impossible, no one would take you seriously in a business meeting. It could not be realized.

Tate continued, “Now it can be done. So you’re giving all these kids money and influence and attention, what do you think they’re doing with it? Silly shit, gambling, drugs, buying gifts for girls, hanging out with whores, stupid shit. They are literally lost, their souls are lost, their hearts and minds are lost. They don’t have any experience.”

“They’re fucking clowns, all of them. Everyone I’ve talked to on Twitch without exception is a clown. None of them are serious people.”

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