2023: Nigerians will send APC packing out of office – NNPP Stalwart

By Bashir Bello

A Stalwart of the New Nigeria People’s Party, NNPP, Bar. Mohammad Bello Shehu-Fagge has said that Nigerians will send the ruling party, All Progressive Congress, APC at all levels packing out of the office during the forthcoming general elections.

Shehu-Fagge, who is vying for the seat of House of Representative, representing Fagge Constituency, said the people are disappointed by the government under control of the party as it has failed to deliver on it campaign promises and that which will work against the party in the forthcoming elections.

He said the situation the government is leaving nigerians is worst than before it came into power in 2015.

According to him, “if you look at the country as a whole, where would you say that the APC as a government have fulfilled the promises made to nigerians? Is it in the areas of security or economy? Every sector you take, what you would rate this government is zero and F9. From head to toe. Take for instance, from 2015, a simple analysis that a lay man would understand. How much was bag of rice before 2015? It was 7,000 or below but how much is it now? It is over 30,000. So would you say APC government is a success or failure as far as Economy is concerned? To a lay man and me, i would rate the government as a success if I am able to bring food to my table for my family easily without suffering or running helter skelter.

“But the reality is what is the value of naira before 2015 and today? These are yardstick indicators whether the economy has moved forward or backsliding. How much do you buy petrol before 2015 and compare to now?

“With these analysis, you will understand that APC from top to bottom (President to the state level), I have not seen where people will go and queue under sun to vote for APC.

“Come down to Kano State, what are the realities on ground when you compare the present administration and the past. Take free education for example, at least for the four years that Senator Rabi’u Musa Kwankwaso was in government, that demand for scholarship and foreign wasn’t there but immediately they cancelled it, the demand was high. The least you can do to the common man is give him access to education first, build the human being first, he will go back and develop the society. That has been blocked. I wonder who will go and queue up to vote for APC,” Shehu-Fagge said.

The NNPP party flag bearer however said he was in the race to wrestle power from the incumbent and salvage the situation of people of his constituency whom he said have suffered from bad representation and have not felt the dividends of democracy they are yearning for under the current leadership.

“The member is far away from the people he represents. The distance between me and the member is like this floor and the sky. Because every area you take for instance, Education, Health, Security, his representation and impact have not been felt. No touch of Federal presence in the 10 wards that made up of the Local Government since the past 12 years under his leadership.

“As a philanthropist, under my foundation, from January to December, we have married off 283 orphans, we have 18 youths in the Local Government that we sponsored from Diploma up to Law school. We sponsored almost 48 to study medicine. We have sponsored people to get NCE, Diploma, Degree, Masters and even PhD. So our target is if God willing we are elected into office, we would find a way of making Education free for all. Our system is to build a line of succession. We will bring healthcare delivery, empowerment to our youths and women among others.

“We would also look into collaborating with neighbouring local governments of Dala, Ungogo, Tsanyawa, Bichi, Dambatta, Makoda and Kazaure to unite and bring a project that will bring about a lasting solution to the Katsina road traffic congestion where you have holdup and a journey of 30 minutes will last you 2, 3 or 4 hours. And that way you will make life easy for all plying that road,” Shehu-Fagge however said.

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