Drug abuse, mindset that needs change – Youth Influencers

Some influencers have said  drug abuse, particularly among youths, is as a result of wrong mindset and attitude in managing their challenges.

They told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in separate interviews in Lagos on Saturday that many people were not proffering the right solutions to their challenges, and instead, resorted to drugs.

Mr Chukwuemeka Onuh, State Coordinator, Collabo Nigeria, said drug abuse was on the high side, and many people were experiencing hardships being compounded by lack of job opportunities.

He urged those experiencing challenges to seek the right type of solutions that would better their future, rather than resort to drugs, which could only cause them more harm.

Onuh, who is also the Chairman, Festac 111, Ward C, Labour Party, said drug abuse was a mindset, because those who engaged in it got neither profit nor gain, but only early deaths and tarnished futures.

He, however said the government had a huge role to play in reducing the rate of drug abuse in the nation by ensuring that there are job opportunities for youths in order to avoid idleness.

“If there are enough jobs, most of the youths will be engaged,” he said.

Onuh also urged parents to be closer to their children, so they could monitor them and check for abnormal behaviours.

Also, Mr George Newton, Convener, Project Light Up, Amuwo Oriade, said drug abuse was an attitude that needed a huge change.

He said most drugs people abused, are for medical purposes, including medicines for treatment of diseases, but were being misused without proper guidance.

“Some companies that produce hair creams use Indian hemp, for example, to stimulate hair growth, but it’s not supposed to be sold on the streets,” he said.

Newton urged the government to carry out a massive reorientation exercise to sensitise people and help change their attitudes regarding the misuse of medications.

He cautioned against the use of drugs to relieve stress, adding that rather than feel better, those who take sedatives without prescription would become addicted.

Mr Anthony Iduh, however, said the major challenge with drug abuse, particularly for youths, was that it is readily available and easy for them to find in their neighbourhoods.

Iduh, who is a Teacher, also said youths had too much idle time available to them.

“The unemployment rate is so high. A lot of them have come out of school and they have no jobs,” he said.

He recommended sports, regular power supply, manufacturing and farming as ways to help reduce idleness among youths.

Iduh urged communities to have facilities, including basketball courts and football fields, where youths can use their energy instead of resorting to drug use. (NAN)

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