Why celebrities are slaves to fear during elections — Comedian, AY

By Ada Osadebe

Nigerian comedian, Ayo Makun, also known as AY, has revealed why some of his colleagues are slaves to dread ahead of the forthcoming election.

The presidential and National Assembly elections are billed to take place on February 25.

The comedian, in a tweet on Wednesday, said that most celebrities don’t declare their support publicly for a political candidate because they fear being ‘blacklisted’ or attacked by thugs.

He further urged Nigerians to cease from applying pressure on them.

“Most celebs have become slaves to fear during elections,” he said.

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“Whenever they publicly take a stand on any political candidate of their choice, they are either ‘Blacklisted or attacked by clueless thugs who would do anything to secure their own interests.

“Stop putting them under pressure.”

AY also blamed ‘bad leaders’ as the reason Nigerians will continue to emmigrate in huge numbers to other nations.

He said, “Nigeria will continue to produce a JAPA generation, not because our land is without milk and honey, but because of evil leaders who usually get into power to gather as much as they can gather for themselves, and then look on and do nothing.

”So-called biggest inspirations all of them join.”

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